Vibrating wristband to help deaf users coordinate with others during performances, physical activities and gameplay. This simple device will lower the barrier to entry for deaf students to learn activities such as dance and martial arts, allowing them to subtly and easily coordinate with their teammates to learn and perform choreography.


The Metronome device will translate the beat and baseline rhythm of a sountrack to allow the user to experience the underlying timing of the track. This could be a simple beat that gets tapped into the user’s wrist, or a pre-programed sequence based on the music being used for the activity.


By responding to the same rhythm, users can coordinate with each other as well as teammates who use music to coordinate. This allows larger groups of people to respond to coordinated stimuli and work together on choreography.

Keeping Time

The LED lights on the surface of the device can be programed to correspond to the phase of music, or increments of time, to signify a new part of the performance. This can also be used to determine how much of an activity is complete.