Platform Curriculum

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Ruchika Social Services Organization (RSSO) is an educational nonprofit that runs makeshift schools for impoverished children at railway platforms where the children are forced to work to feed their families. The organization’s novel approach to combating the high dropout rates attributed to child labor and their empathetic approach to teaching and learning inspired me to join their team and help with fundraising and curriculum design. 

As part of my work with RSSO, I experimented with curriculum design to create more immersive and effective learning experiences for students in this makeshift environment.

Montessori Programs

Applying Montessori classroom models that encourage child development through freedom of movement and choice, with mixed aged classrooms to the low resource platform environment.

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Cooking-based Labs

Conducting cooking based labs in the informal platform environment, allowing students to conduct experiments that allow them to see the principles in action.

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Social Networks for Child Development

Empowering parents and members of the slum community with information and resources around child development, safety and education.