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Hi there!

My name is Kavya. I've lived all over the world and can now (mostly) be found in New York City. I love thinking about learning.

My work focuses on creating experiences, systems and methods for people to learn in different, interesting ways. This has applications across various industries and audiences, from teaching grade school children about the science behind cooking to helping a car company understand its' customers better.

My global upbringing gives me a natural bias towards thinking about cultural nuance - I believe that context is incredibly important when trying to design a system, product or service, and needs to be considered carefully. I'm constantly thinking about what it takes to create a system for students in a variety of geographic and cultural contexts, and aim to explore this further with my work.

I'm excited by efficiency and bringing together the right people, ideas and resources to make things happen.

I also like learning new skills, sailing, evening walks on the Highline, Macallan'18 and long conversations that span a variety of topics (and ideally, a couple languages) - but most of all, I love talking to people about what they love, and working with them to make great ideas a reality.